Your Local Water Damage Restoration Experts

Mold in the home in Virginia

We understand that the last thing you want is for your crawl space to start developing black mold or spores because water damage has penetrated the space. Or, if there’s storm damage, which has seeped into the flooring, floorboards, walls, and other surfaces, the sooner you tackle these issues, the easier it is going to be to perform the repairs. When you choose our team at Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation for crawl space encapsulation services to prevent water damage, we take all necessary steps in the process, to fully enclose the space, and to create a leak-proof space which is protected from the lingering storm and water damage.

Why hire us?

We take a different approach than our Richmond VA competitors as it relates to water damage and restoration. Our team at Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation is honest. We focus on finding the best solution for your home, not the most expensive solution so we can charge you a higher rate. We also look for approaches our competitors would not try. Some of the ways we can step in and help include

  1. Professional crawl space encapsulation to prevent leaking or water from penetrating the crawl space and causing major damage
  2. Air circulation using dehumidifiers and fans
  3. We can clean up floodwater, install French drains, and install vapor barriers, to help with air circulation and water drainage around the property
  4. We also perform mold testing and mold remediation

We’re a small, local company, and we want to offer the best services, for a price that your family can afford. We know that you want your home and family to be safe, and we do as well. So, rather than turn to big-name competitors, give our team at Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation a call first.

How we repair the damage

We do not skip steps in the process to cut back on costs. We do a full inspection, air quality testing, and we will walk through your home with you, to determine which areas require immediate attention. Our team is going to use commercial grade fans, blowers, and equipment to remedy the issues we spot throughout your home. We’ll also take the best approach to repair, and to prevent further damage in the future. We’ll always discuss more than one option with you, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that’s both affordable and preventive, so you don’t have to deal with similar problems in the future.

If you need to improve air quality around your home, are looking for air circulation fans, barriers and dehumidifiers to help prevent further damage, or just need a quote for water damage restoration, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our team is here to answer your questions and to discuss the many different services we can perform in your Richmond VA home, after a major storm, or after floods have caused damage to the walls, floors, or other surfaces, which require immediate repair and attention from licensed and bonded specialists.