Attic and Crawlspace Fan System Installation

Attics and crawl spaces are notorious for trapping hot air and humidity. These increased levels of moisture and heat can cause many issues. Hot air above and below your house can increase energy consumption by making your A/C need to work harder to cool the house. Trapped moisture encourages mold growth, which can damage items stored in your attic and the building materials themselves. Moldy joists and wood rot that occur from excessive moisture can cause thousands of dollars in damage. That’s where our ventilation systems come in! By using sensors positioned both in the wood and in the air, they monitor humidity levels and work with fans and vents in a hassle-free system. The system circulates air and, on nice dry days, it vents out hot, humid air that would otherwise be stagnant.

How do fan systems help prevent mold?

Good air flow is important for the prevention of mold growth. When air is stagnant and humid, mold is afforded the ideal growing conditions. That is why we recommend installing moisture control and heat-reducing systems in crawl spaces and attics, where air is often not well-circulated.

We proudly use ATMOX systems. Using sensors, these smart systems take advantage of cool, dry weather to trigger fans and vents to exchange air with the outside, and to close during high-humidity weather. Our experienced contractors will provide a consultation and estimate for the best setup for your home or business. The ATMOX system of sensors, dehumidifers, vents, and fans work together to monitor moisture levels, and air out attics and crawlspaces using the least amount of energy necessary. ATMOX products have been part of moisture control solutions for crawl spaces and attics for over 25 years. They have even created LED lights to integrate with the system so inspections are easy to perform and to brightly light your way around your attic or crawlspace.

Attic and Crawl Space Mold Solutions

Mold that grows in the attic or crawl space can spread to the main floors of the home. So, it is important to prevent mold in these areas, even if you rarely go there. A fan and ventilation system works in conjunction with crawl space encapsulation to keep your crawl space air fresh, with the least amount of energy expenditure necessary. Venting hot air from your attic saves on cooling costs, provides a more temperate environment for stored items, as well as helping prevent damage to shingles from excessive heat.

Ventilation System Consultations

Our team are all pros in identifying problem areas and helping to not only remove mold, but also prevent it from becoming a problem. With our years of experience, we can quickly identify areas that may become mold hotspots if left unaddressed.

If your attic or crawl space is trapping heat and moist air, then a fan and venting system is an important element in preventing mold growth and excessive HVAC energy use. With our consultation, we can provide tailored recommendations and solutions for your home and business. By investing in cost-effective moisture-control solutions today, you’ll help prevent expensive repairs and damage down the line. Together, our expertise and high-quality products help to keep your building mold-free!

Call us for moisture control solutions, mold removal estimate, crawlspace encapsulation, or fan and venting system installation today!