Virginia Flood Control and Cleanup

Flood cleanup in Virginia

Flood control and cleanup is the type of work you want an experienced, licensed, bonded contractor handling. When you call Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation, this is exactly what you are going to get. We not only specialize in water and flood damage, but we also perform emergency water cleanup services, if a pipe bursts, if a major storm hits the area, or your hot water heater leaks causing major flooding throughout the home. No matter what the problem might be, we have the top licensed and bonded Richmond VA contractors ready for professionally provide water removal and clean up after the fact.

Immediate results when you need us

We know that it’s best to be proactive and to prevent the water damage before it occurs. However, there are some instances where catastrophic flooding or water leaks happen despite your best efforts. And, when this happens, you need to act quickly. If this is the case, and your home is flooded, don’t hesitate to call Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation to visit your home for emergency water cleanup. Our contractors use

  • The best blowers and dehumidifiers to quickly dry flooring and prevent further penetration of water damage
  • Vacuums and suction equipment which will help extract water, so it won’t soak for too long
  • We can remove damaged drywall, foundation, siding, or other areas where the water damage has occurred

After we complete the cleanup, we can also take additional proactive steps to prevent future flooding from occurring in your home. How can we do this? Some things we can do after we complete the water removal are:

  • Installing new French drains to allow water to flow freely and prevent a back-up
  • Install vapor barriers so that condensation doesn’t form on surfaces
  • Install other drain systems to allow water to drain freely outside the home
  • Check the gutters and piping throughout the home to ensure they’re operating properly

Our team of licensed and bonded contractors will discuss a variety of options that might work for your home. We know that you don’t want emergency cleanup, but if you need it, you need to act quickly. And, once we have handled it, we can apply these preventive measures around your home, to prevent another major catastrophe from occurring in the future once again.

If you’re in need of emergency cleanup services, water removal, or other services that just can’t wait, call our team of specialists. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed, and all of our certified techs have experience in spotting damage before it occurs. So, if we are visiting your home for a consultation, and notice there’s a probability that damage might result, we will discuss this with you during our free consultation. Give us a call now if there’s emergency work that needs to be done, or if you want to prevent major water damage from occurring, and need to determine the best waterproof and moisture-proof steps to take around your home.