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Norfolk, VA Crawl Space and Basement Troubles

Homeowners or Property Owners with tenets living with nasty odors, warped and sagging floors, condensation on windows and worse of all family members getting sick consider the Crawl Space or Basement as the source of trouble.  High levels of moisture in the Crawl Space comes from water vapor constantly rising from the earthen floor, ground water and the wet weather outside.  For a rock-solid solution, contact Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation of Chesapeake, VA.  We provide free, no conditions, expert Crawl Space Inspections to find all sources of moisture.

Norfolk, VA Free Crawl Space Inspection

Crawl Spaces are gloomy, smelly and could be full of creepy crawlies and we seldom check them out unless we have reason too.  However, that lack of attention can allow minor problems to explode into major ones.  Whenever family members are sick without explanation, unpleasant odor in the air and doors won’t stay closed it’s time to investigate.  If looking around the home, the cause remains out-of-site then it’s time to broaden the horizon into less visited areas.  Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation of Norfolk will investigate the home’s air quality and trace it to its source even in the most inaccessible area the Crawl Space.

This inspection is performed at no charge or precondition so you’ve nothing to lose to discover what ails your home environment.   

Air Quality in the Home 

Home air quality studies shows that 50 or more of air in our homes rises from the crawl space.  Crawl space air can be swirling with mold spores, nasty odors and dangerous gases like Radon and Methane.  Radon is the number one cause of Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers.  Methane, rising from the decomposition of plant and animal life will rob the atmosphere of oxygen making people feel faint, nauseous and weak.  Cleaning up the Crawl Space will improve every breath your family takes.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl Space Encapsulation installs a protective envelope around the home. it from the ground beneath and the world outside. Professional encapsulation prevents water vapor, mold spores and bacteria from gathering within the Crawl Space and rising into the home’s living space.  Also, it shuts out critters and insects from crawling in and multiplying under your home.  Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation methods successfully prevents excessive moisture and will restore healthy air in your home.


Norfolk, VA Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation Steps:

  • Prevent incoming sources of ground water with redirecting downspouts, French Drains and Sump Pump.
  • Take out all garbage in the Crawl Space paying especially sharp objects and rocks.
  • Replace all rotted wood framing and fill all holes in the foundation.
  • A flexible yet puncture resistant vapor barrier installed over the entire floor and folded up several inches all along the crawl space foundation.
  • To prevent leakage along edges and seams of the vapor barrier, they will be seal with special tape.
  • All Vents into the Crawl Space will be sealed.
  • Foam Insulation boards attached to the foundation outer walls to protect outside heat gain or energy loss of the home.
  • The remaining Humidity is removed down to less than 50% by installing a dehumidifier.

Norfolk, VA Crawl Space Warning Signs:

Crawl Space Mold Troubles

Vented Crawl Spaces infected with mold is a common occurrence for Homeowners that live in Norfolk, VA because this is a very humid climate especially from May to October.  Plus, an unfortunate characteristic of mold is that winter’s low humidity will only cause an interruption in growth and it will pick up at the same level it reached over the Summer.  Each Summer it’ll get worse till it explodes so badly it can’t be ignored because of family sicknesses and damage to building materials.

Mold finds everything it needs to thrive in the traditional Vented Crawl Space

  • Moisture level above 50% due to plumbing leak, ground water flooding and water vapor that rises from the dirt floor.
  • Biological refuse is Food- Wood, paper, plants, insects and animals.

Warmer Temperatures usually between 70 and 90 degrees.

Insulation Fallen or Drooping in Crawl Space:

To conserve energy in homes with Traditional Crawl Spaces, fiberglass insulation is pushed between the floor joists.  Paper backed Batt insulation will often gather and hold humidity- eventually dropping to the ground. Also, mold is very attracted to paper backing and will thrive on it.  This moist insulation is an ideal shelter and breeding ground for rodents and insects.  Crawl Space Encapsulation has proven to be the premiere successful treatment for preventing mold, mildew, insect infestations and increased energy savings.

Warped Floors & Doors

After the fiberglass insulation has fallen to the ground, Humidity has a clear path into the home above which has several adverse effects.  This destructive humidity will cause the homes wood framing to warp floors and sticky doors and windows.  It only takes 24 to 48 hours of high humidity to bring on a Mold bloom in building materials that brings even more misery to the family.

Sources of Crawl Space Humidity  

The dirt floor in the Crawl Space’s is supposed to be covered with a vapor barrier to reduce water vapor that rises constantly from the soil- but this often fails.  However, the vapor barrier becomes untidy leaving large spots of bare earth that water vapor has the freedom to rise into the craw space eventually causing mold and wood rot.  Additionally, a rim of earth is left bare next to the foundation walls just in case a water or sewerage pipe bursts then the flow will have a way to dissipate into the earth.

Improper or inexpert Landscaping will direct storm water into the home rather than away.  Failing gutters and ground water flowing in because of a high-water table.

Fair Cost for Crawl Space Encapsulation

When a home’s crawlspace is polluted with mold (sometimes even Black Toxic Mold) and crawling with all sorts of creepy creatures, Encapsulation is the foremost solid solution to address the previous problems or the coming awful health effects but believe the cost to be out of reach.  To make sure you Don’t overpay for Crawl Space Encapsulation, compare at least 3 estimates.  We are certain you’ll find Hero Crawl Space of Norfolk, VA realistically priced.  We are determined that crawlspace encapsulation costs stay within the reach of an average family’s budget.