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Source of Pollution in the Home

A Damp Crawl Space is a major source of pollution and foundation issues inside a home.  This polluted air contains Mold spores, dangerous gases radon (the number one cause of cancer in non-smokers) and Methane (from decaying plants) and bacteria.  This is big concern for homeowners because home air quality studies have shown 50 – 70 % of the air within the home rises from the crawl space.

Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation is a local, experienced and affordable contracting team that is eager to gain your trust by sending superior consultants to evaluate your Crawl Space for excessive moisture, mold or dangerous gasses.  Our expert Crawl Space Inspections are free and gladly given.  Connect with us today for more information. 

The Trouble with Vented Crawl Spaces

The vented Crawl Space often does a poor job controlling humidity.  In the summer, vents are opened to remove humid air- nice in theory but unreliable in a humid environment like Lynchburg, VA in the Summer.  Moisture will only flow out of a crawl space only when humidity outside is lower which hardly ever happens especially in southern climates like Lynchburg Virginia.  Crawl Space vents in cold weather are closed to try and prevent energy loss but crawl spaces are often so full of holes from plumbing and cabling that the saving effect is negligible. Plus, in addition the insulation pushed between the floor joists is in most cases inadequate, damaged or missing and really doesn’t contribute to energy savings.  The net result being a wet moldy Crawl Space is very common in Virginia.

What Cures a Wet Crawl Space? Encapsulation

A Crawl Space Encapsulation builds an airtight enclosure around the home, protecting it from the humidity rising from the ground beneath and outside.  Expert Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits:

  • Prevents rising water vapor from the dirt floor which feeds Mold growth.
  • Dangerous gasses such as radon and Methane from polluting the living space.
  • Prevents critters and insects from entering and thriving under your home.
  • A controlled environment in the crawl space improves Energy Efficiency.

Hero Mold Company’s method of Professional Crawl Space encapsulation is the premier way to control Mold, Wood Rot and Mildew as demonstrated by our many previous highly satisfied clients. Also, Insects and Pests will be sealed out and the lack of moisture will not encourage them to claw and bite their way in.

Free Exhaustive Crawl Space Inspection

The Crawl Space is not likely to be inspected regularly because its dark, smelly and generally has spiders. However, it has the biggest impact on the health of the inhabitants due to its impact on the quality of indoor air.  Sometimes a foul odor spreads throughout the home and the cause can’t be found or maybe the doors and windows get hard to open then it becomes clear you need the Crawl Space examined.   Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation of Lynchburg will carefully investigate your home’s Crawl Space for problems.  Unfortunately, if you have a troubled Crawl Space, we’ll lay out the repairs necessary to resolve all issues at a fair cost.

The Crawl Space inspection is performed free so you’ve nothing to lose.  Get an understanding of what’s in the air you and your family are breathing: contact us now.    

Lynchburg Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation Credentials:

We are licensed, securely bonded and all employees insured in Virginia.

  • Licensing requires proof of years of experience, training and passing of one or more tests within the industry.
  • Insured employees: ensures an employee injured on the job apply to the employer for compensation- not the homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Bonding requires money that is secured outside the control of the company in case of a court judgement against them.

Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation employees go through classroom coursework and receive on the job company training in proven successful Crawl Space Encapsulation.  Our Employees have been background checked for criminal behavior and undergo periodic surprise drug testing.  The safety of our clients is a very important responsibility that we need to get right.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Costs

Financial Pain!

Homeowners when face with a wet ugly crawl space believe Crawl Space Encapsulation is beyond their financial abilities.  Just like everything else in this world bad situations are spotlighted- we only hear the worst-case scenarios.  Generally, according to previous clients Crawl Space Encapsulation costs are not as much as they’d imagined.  Give us an opportunity to prove it- contact us for a free inspection. We are determined that crawlspace encapsulation stays within the reach of an average family’s budget- that keeps us very busy and our clients happy.

Other Costs!

Heavy Humidity trapped within a crawl space often becomes a thriving home for rodents and insects like termites and carpenter ants who require moist conditions to survive.  Rodents teeth are always growing and need to be constantly worn down with use to stay effective. Their sharp teeth will chew though moisture weakened foundation walls to meander throughout the home using the wall cavities as passageways.  Along the way they chew on wires, pipes and other building materials many times causing electrical shorts and plumbing leaks.  Fixing these secondary hazards is an additional financial burden.

Crawl Space Encapsulation: Air Quality

Crawl Space Encapsulation basically seals the home from the earthen ground prevent rising water vapor and/or dangerous gasses improving the air quality throughout the home.  Also, it controls energy loss decreasing your heating or cooling costs.

Environmental Control of the crawl space by encapsulation is complete with the installation of a proper sized dehumidifier and/or air exchange system to remove remaining excess moisture.  One other benefit it will greatly increase the home’s value.

We are confident we’ll stand out from competitors with the best plan for success had at the lowest cost, Contact us.