Richmond, VA Crawl Space Encapsulation

Attic mold found in a home in Virginia

Do you need a free assessment of your Richmond home’s water damage? Does it smell like there’s mold forming in the basement or in a crawlspace of your home? If so, our team at Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation is here to help! We’re fully bonded, insured, and licensed specialists in Richmond, VA, specializing in a variety of water removal, repair, and restoration services. Our licensed water removal contractors not only focus on finding where the damage began but also in taking the best approach to repair it, to ensure further damage doesn’t ensue after the fact. If your home has seen better days, let us begin with a free evaluation of your property to determine what steps we need to take to prevent mold growth and other issues from developing inside and around your home.

Our Richmond approach to repairing damage

There are many ways in which our water removal contractors will perform mold growth removal and repairs if we notice these issues have begun developing in your home. We offer

  • Dehumidifiers to help prevent mold after water damage has occurred in the home
  • Install vapor barriers to help penetration and to help prevent condensation, which will further escalate the mold and water damage
  • We can install French drains and clean up floodwater after a major storm

We will not only take a proactive approach in water damage restoration service in Richmond, but we’ll also make sure we spot all signs of damage and areas of damage so that we can treat everything at once. We take approaches other companies bypass, to help keep costs down for you, and to ensure we tackle every issue that’s present once water damage has occurred.

Why you can trust us

Our team at Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation is fully trained in water damage restoration service in Richmond. We have specialists who focus on residential work, so you know that our water removal contractors are going to do the job properly. Furthermore, we understand that water damage can cause mold to develop, so we’ll also take preventive measures, to ensure this doesn’t happen.

A Richmond-Loved Company

Our company is well-established, and we take pride in the services we offer. Our team wants to do the job right; and, unlike other larger companies, we do not charge you the highest price for services. Instead, we offer a variety of approaches we can take, to fit your budget, and to get the job done right, so you don’t have to worry about us overcharging you for the work. We also guarantee the work’s done right, and take preventive measures to eliminate the possibility that mold will grow in the future, or further water damage will occur in the future.

Don’t hesitate to call our Richmond team at Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation today. We’re here to answer your questions and we also offer free estimates on all crawl space services, water damage services, restoration, and other forms of damage you’d like to hire us to repair after a major storm has hit and caused major damage on your property.