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Why Encapsulate a Crawl Space?

Wet Moldy Crawl Space Hero Crawl Space Williamsburg, VA

Wet Moldy Crawl Space

Homeowners, Home Inspectors, Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents please be aware that many health or foundation problems in a home can be traced to a wet Crawl Space.  Many a southern clime Crawl Space has water vapor constantly rising from the earth and frequently ground water intrusion also adds to the mess with puddles of rancid water.  Unless, the crawl space is engineered to repel all excessive moisture, mold infestations and critters looking for shelter will cause ill health and havoc to the home’s inhabitants.

Home Air quality studies have shown that 50 to 70% of what we breathe rises from the crawl space.  This is because warm air rises in a home to be expelled through the attic vents and then is replaced by cold air drawn from the crawl space. Mold spores, nasty odors, dangerous gases (Radon and bacteria and once the crawl space is encapsulated, the largest source of polluted air in the home is removed.  Contact Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation and recover your family’s health through clean air.

Expert Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits

A Crawl Space Encapsulation builds a protective barrier around the home, protecting it from the ground beneath and the world outside.  Benefits of expert Crawl Space Encapsulation:

  • Stops rising water vapor from the earth that contributes to Mold growth.
  • Prevents Dangerous gasses such as radon which is a leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers and Methane (decaying plants or dead animals) from polluting the living space.
  • Prevents critters and insects from entering and thriving under your home.
  • A controlled environment in the crawl space improves Energy Efficiency.

Hero Mold Company’s method of Professional Crawl Space encapsulation is the premier way to control Mold, Wood Rot and Mildew as demonstrated by our many previous highly satisfied clients. Also, Insects and Pests will be sealed out and the lack of moisture will not encourage them to claw and bite their way in.

Free Exhaustive Crawl Space Inspection

The Crawl Space is the one area of our homes that gets the least amount of attention but can also have the biggest impact on the health of the inhabitants.  Breathing is unremarkable till we smell a foul odor and consequently suffers ill health.  Many times, looking around the home the cause remains hidden and it’s becomes clear you need help.   Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation will investigate the foul air in your home and advise an affordable successful solution.

This inspection is performed at no charge or expectation so you’ve nothing to lose to discover what ails your home environment.   

Why Trust Williamsburg Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation?

We maintain a contractor license, are securely bonded and insured in Virginia.

  • Licensing requires proof of years of experience, formal training and successful completion of one or more tests within the industry.
  • Insured employees: requires a worker who is injured on the job apply to the employer for compensation- not the homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Bonding requires secured money is in the control of the state, a bond, and not under the control of the company in case of a judgement against them.

Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation employees receive classroom and on the job company training in proven successful crawl space encapsulation.  Our employees back each other up in teams so nothing is overlooked and are cautioned against common errors that cause failure.

Budget Crawl Space Encapsulation

Heavy Humidity trapped within a crawl space causes mold, mildew and may become a thriving home for rodents and insects like termites and cockroaches whom require moist conditions to survive. The wind and sunlight in the outside environment will eventually disperse humidity but in a crawl space it tends to get trapped. Rodents with ever growing sharp teeth will chew though weakened foundation walls to get inside the crawl space then move throughout the home using the wall cavities as passage throughout the home.  Along the way they chew on wires, pipes and other building materials often causing electrical shorts and plumbing leaks.  Crawl Space Encapsulation is designed to control these problems.

Many Homeowners when face with a moisture trouble crawl space believe encapsulation is beyond their financial reach because we only hear of the worst-case scenarios.  In most Crawl Space situations, it’s not as bad as the client imagined.  Please give us an opportunity to help.  We built our company determined that crawlspace encapsulation stays within the reach of an average family’s budget.  Call us for a fast solution.

Williamsburg Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation basically seals the home from the earthen ground prevent rising water vapor and/or dangerous gasses improving the air quality throughout the home.  Also, it controls energy loss decreasing your heating or cooling costs.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Repair Steps:

Finished Crawl Space Encapsulation Hero Crawl Space Encapsulation Williamsburg, VA

Finished Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Prepare the crawlspace by removing all garbage especially sharp rocks or other objects.
  • Lay a puncture resistant poly vapor membrane to cover the entire ground including moving up foundation walls by several inches. All seams are sealed with special tape.
  • Stop ground water flowing in from the outside environment with French Drain or other method.
  • Seal all exterior vents to prevent air exchange with the great humid outdoors.
  • Insulate foundation walls to provide energy savings.

Consider that Crawlspace Encapsulation improves the air quality in your home, prevents pests from moving in, conserves energy conservation and will greatly increase the home’s value.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Repairs Air Quality

Environmental Control of the crawl space is reached by encapsulation and the installation of a proper sized dehumidifier and/or air exchange system that removes remaining excess moisture.  Give us an opportunity to show we can fix the air quality issues in your home- soon all the foul odors could be just a past ugly memory.  We are positive we’ll stand out from our competitors with the most successful plan had at the best cost,

Our client’s satisfaction drives our business reputation! Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations.